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What we do

OIC Concept is an award winning, integrated full service creative agency specializing in brand development and strategy, marketing consultation and solution as well as new product development.  Oh I See! Headquarter in Hong Kong offering professional services helps brands and clients through sound marketing advice, strategy communication and effective design solution.  Our services are all encompassing from concept to execution for brands and clients building and reaching the impact.


Oh I see you! - Branding Strategy
Osocool! - Art Licensing
Oh I See! - Corporate ID
Oh my God! - Product and packaging design
Oh let’s Rock it! Live Event

Oh I see you! - Branding Strategy

A brand Affair? Love Mark. Nowadays, brand must find the way to sustain in the market through Change.  Our approach starts and ends with people.  OIC team expertise various research methods, creative processes and use of technologies to develop new ways to connect and engage between people and brands.  Each brand got its personalities, a unique identity just like any person.  Brands also carry emotional connection with public and consumers too.

Oh I See! Brand Enviroment

Brand identity

Brand Enviroment (DIsplay/Interior Design/Culture)

Corporate Trademark services

Brand Touch point (Web/App/customers experience)

•In-Store Marketing

•Point of sale

•In-store displays

Osocool! - Art Licensing


Through working with artist and companies who are leaders in their respective fields we have created licensing program that are mutually beneficial for all parties. Sale or licensing of intellectual property
Unleash design potential. Create new values and different perspective that move products off shelves.

Oh my god!  Product & Packaging design

How to turn good ideas to marketable products? We help clients to better understand on how to move their businesses forward.  We explore how to extend their brands, implement products and identities, and structure successful innovation.​


•New product concept and development



•Cool Premium

Oh let’s Rock it! Live Event


•Event Design and Management

•Corporate Events

•Awards Events

•Brand Launches



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